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MomlybyS, a Qatar company that seeks to enhance better living for the people around globe. 

Ms Shamma Al-Hamad, the MomlybyS company founder, is a mother of a child born with a physical and intellectual syndrome called Coffin-Lowry. She was gone through a long, mentally exhausting journey to obtain a proper diagnosis of her son's condition. After many visits to various doctors in the country, she could not get an accurate diagnosis in the early stages, so she decided to travel to the United States to get a proper diagnosis. Ms Shamma Al-Hamad struggled with scarce resources to help her on her journey from the psychological and societal side; that is why she founded MomlybyS. Her aim with this company is to support parents and take carer’s with special kids. She does personal counseling advice and support for the wellbeing of the common people with various issues.  Further to discussions with different centers of common interest, communications, and surveys, this company was established to fill the gap found in the community.    

Apart from the consultation services company has expanded its service towards supplying an eco-conscious product on a mission to provide consumers with healthy, natural, organic products free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Like so many consumers, the founder of MomlybyS quickly discovered some of the challenges faced in trying to find high quality products for themselves and their entire family. Shopping for products that are free of synthetics, artificial ingredients, harmful dyes, and toxic chemicals shouldn't be so difficult. It was for this very reason, MomlybyS was created. To provide consumers with a safe place to shop for all-natural products that are created without harsh chemicals, toxins, and/or artificial ingredients.

At MomlybyS, we source all our products from ethical and environmentally friendly suppliers including the United States of America. MomlybyS follow strict Quality measures to ensure the customers the high-end products.

At MomlybyS, we only offer All-Natural and Organic product options that we would use in our own homes, on ourselves, and our family. Therefore, each of our natural products and our organic products must be of the highest quality. We like to think of our customers as our extended family... and MomlybyS Natural & Organic products will settle for nothing less than the best for our family!

We welcome you to MomlybyS We hope you will find the highest quality organic products and all-natural products on your mission to a chemical-free, toxin-free, safer lifestyle.

We try to replace the circumstances of individuals with special needs, disabilities, and their families for the better, helping them meet their personal, psychological, and social needs by providing several services in one place. 


We want MomlybyS to be the destination for the individuals with priority on quality living. One stop service centre & shop for the people who search for natural solutions on commodities and products for special needs, disabilities, and their caregivers in the state of Qatar.


Providing various services and products to enhance quality life for the common people with special attention on marginalized and special need.

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