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    • ESSENTIAL OILS IS THE ESSENCE There is nothing more natural and profound than using something which is created organically in nature. The benefits of pure essential oils are numerous with strong evidence of its healing properties and powerful effects on our overall wellbeing. It is popularly worn as an essential oils anxiety bracelet. This charming lava rock diffuser bracelet for women allows to take the aromatic benefits of essential oil with you wherever you go.
    • BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU Here are the details of this enchanting adjustable lava rock oil diffuser bracelet for women and men: 6.2 inches extending to 11.8 inches in length. The lava rocks are approximately 8mm in size. This sweet essential oil bracelet comes in a soft jewelery pouch so you can store it safely.
    • AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER JEWELERY The beautiful earthy tones of this lava rock essential oil diffuser bracelet is a lovely, simple piece of jewelery which you can accessorize with whatever you are wearing. Just pour two or three drops of your favourite pure quality essential oil onto two rocks and gently rub the oil in. The rocks are porous and will easily absorb the oil. Enjoy the aromatherapy and feel the ongoing difference.
    • PERFECT GIFT Share the love. Share the benefits of aromatherapy. This lava rock essential oil bracelet is a charming gift for kids, teenagers, the special woman in your life. Its a lovely present for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, for celebrating friendships and love. Why not treat yourself? It comes in a gift pouch so its all ready to go.

    Lava Rock Essential Oils Bracelet Aromatherapy Anxiety Bracelets for Meditation


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