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  • Deep Sea Massage Stone is made of completely natural raw materials. It contains no chemical substance. It does not contain preservatives, alcohol, etc. to extend its shelf life.

    It is not a drug, so it can be used safely 


    Use of DeepSea Massage Stone

    It is recommended to use DeepSea by gently massaging the area of ​​the body to be massaged, the temple and forehead area, the back of the ear, the neck briefly, in a circular motion, 2-3 times when needed. 


    What is DeepSea Massage Stone?

    DeepSea Massage Stone Side Effects: Although there are no known side effects, eye contact should be avoided. 


    DeepSea Massage StonePresentation:

    Weight: 7 gr. Special hornbeam presented in natural wood packaging. Diameter: 4.5 cm Height: 3.5 cm. 


    A box of Deep Spa Massage Stone is effective up to 3-6 months, depending on the use after its cover is opened. It can be used over and over again hundreds of times. 


    Whenever you need menthol freshness, “DeepSea Massage Stone”, which you can take with you everywhere, offers you the completely natural mint and menthol freshness whenever you want. 


    You can always carry it with you with its small and cute wooden box.

    DeepSea Massage Stone presented to you in a wooden box made of hornbeam, thanks to its content formulated with Menthol crystal, Almond oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Aloe Vera Oil extracts, you can feel the biological effects of natural substances in your daily life by applying massage whenever you need. With its moisturizing feature, it helps soften the area to be massaged. 


    You can use Deep Sea especially in the head area where you can massage, forehead, temple and neck area, shoulder and back area, leg and calf, foot areas, in short, in every part of the body where you can massage (except for sensitive areas such as armpits, genital area, eye area). 


    DeepSea Massage Stone contains the refreshing feature of menthol, which gives “Enjoy the Freshness.” 


    It refreshes thanks to its menthol content.
    Shows its effect instantly.
    With its nano size, you can always carry it with you.
    It does not cause dirt or grease on your clothes and leaves no marks.
    Its smell is volatile and disappears 5-10 minutes after use without washing.
    It has no side effects.

    Menthol Spa & Massage Stone - Deep Sea / Turkey


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